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New Outlook Timesheet is Amazing

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Timewatch’s new Outlook timesheet turns Outlook appointments into timesheets, and makes Outlook a time tracking system.

It’s Amazing!

Our new Outlook Timesheet turns Outlook appointments into timesheets, and saves every employee hours each week

If your organization uses Outlook and tracks time, you need this!

Timewatch’s new Outlook timesheet now turns appointments into timesheets on PC, Mac, and Outlook Web (OWA) with no plug-ins required.

If you use Outlook, track work time, or enter timesheets, Timewatch timesheet systems will change the way you work and save you time – and money.

“One of the first customers we showed Outlook Timesheet to was amazed,” says Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright. “They said ‘Wow! Can you show me that again?’”.  “The customer told us it used to take employees a couple of hours on a Friday to enter timesheets. Now it takes just seconds.”

Here’s why users say our new Outlook timesheet is Amazing:

  • No plug-in is required
  • It turns appointments into timesheets in seconds
  • It works with Outlook on PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones
  • Outlook Timesheet has been proven to save employees two to four hours per week compared to any other timesheet
  • Outlook Timesheet delivers complete timesheet reporting

The new Outlook Timesheet is super easy to use and is a standard inclusion in all Timewatch® Timesheet systems.

It’s also unique: no other timesheet system has this feature.

Of course, other systems do link with Outlook but they all require plug-ins which slows Outlook down, don’t work with Outlook on Macs, phones, tablets or Microsoft’s new Windows or Chrome App. Outlook Timesheet works with them all.

Up and Running in Seconds

“There is nothing to install, nothing to download, and nothing to configure,” says Anthony Vaccaro, Timewatch Sales Engineer. “You just open up our application, enter your credentials, and you are up and running in seconds.”

Timewatch Outlook Timesheet works directly with Outlook and provides a simple and smooth service to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

“Previously users had to download an app that ran inside Outlook,” says Timewatch CEO Wright. “As a result, Outlook ran slower. Also, Microsoft is constantly updating Outlook and this often causes issues for apps, which themselves then need to be updated. Ultimately it causes problems and frustration for end users. We have no such problems with our Outlook Timesheet”


How our new Outlook timesheet turns appointments into timesheets.

Safe and Secure for your Organization

For the end user, Timewatch Outlook Timesheet means there is no need to get your organization’s IT department on a call or have them go through your hardware checking for potential threats.

There is no need to download software to a work device. Timewatch Outlook Timesheet is clean, simple, and easy to use. There is nothing to install. You are up and running within a couple of seconds. It works for everyone whether Mac, PC, or web.

Outlook Timesheet is also great news for your organization’s network security. There are no potential security issues as no apps are being introduced to your organization’s devices and there is no data stored on any device. There are no data security risks.

“We are not installing or storing anything on your system,” says Phil Jones, Senior Product Specialist at Timewatch. “You are using our cloud systems via your secure network. Our system is so tightly integrated with Outlook, you just click Get Outlook Appointments, and check the ones you want to post to your timesheet, and you are done.”

So Simple it’s Amazing

Timewatch CEO Graeme Wright says that saving data duplication is a game changer: “Everyone that uses Outlook and enters timesheet is wasting time by entering data twice. With our Outlook Timesheet, we save time by eliminating that duplicate entry.”

“Over the years we have been motivated to make timesheet entry simpler, easier, and faster. With our new OutlookTimesheet, our customers are now just a couple of clicks away from completing their timesheet. Our customers love it, and we love showing it to new customers. They are so amazed they ask us to show them again. We never get tired of hearing that.”

For information on how Timewatch Outlook Timesheet can change your business click here.

New, Updated Time®&Money

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Time billing enhancements in the next version of Time®&Money include:

New Time®&Money time and billing system

The forthcoming version of Time®&Money will now include Outlook & Google timesheet entry, as well as Timers and Voice entry timesheet entry.

Outlook and Google calendar users have already entered most of the information needed for a timesheet: the date, start/end time & thus duration and notes. All that is needed to post this to their timesheet, is to add customer / project information. Now, at the click of a button, Time®&Money users can see a list of appointments available to post, can add customer / project details, and post them to their timesheet. Watch the video below to see this in action. We show how time is posted to the timesheet 30 seconds into the video. Instead of minutes to enter timesheet lines, it takes seconds to turn Outlook or Google appointments into timesheets.

Valuing Time Perfectly

It is crucial in a time and billing system that time can be valued perfectly, using the exact rules your organization uses to agree rates with customers. Any divergence from the agreed rate is unprofessional. Time®&Money stores rates to 6 decimal places to ensure that rates can be held as hourly rates, but converted to any form without loss of accuracy. It also ensures that multi currency rates are also perfect.

Valuing time for internal cost and external charge rates is second to none with Time®&Money. The system supports unlimited rates and flexible rate configurations including rates by Customer, by Project, by Employee, by Role, by Work performed, by Task, by Date, by any combination of these and even customizable rates that can match your organization’s rules.

time billing enhancements

Screen added to allow Outlook appointments to be turned into timesheets. Just allocate customers/projects to appointments, check the ones to post, then click Post to timesheet. That’s it. It takes seconds and saves hours.

Billing is similarly configurable and customizable. Out of the box Time®&Money supports generic time & expenses and fixed price billing, but it also supports custom billing rules and invoice templates, which allows any organization to perfectly match their billing methodology today, and in the years to come.

Time®&Money is also expandable. There are 4 editions of varying functional power and flexibility, from the simple and easy Essentials edition, to the more powerful Pro edition, the customizable Corporate edition, and the ultimate in cloud time and billing systems, our Enterprise edition. Additionally, Time®&Money can be functionally expaneded to include our powerul Resource Scheduling solution.

To learn more about our Time®&Money time recording and billing solution, please contact us.

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Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

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Outlook timesheet enhancements in the next version of OutlookTime® include:

Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

If you use Outlook and need to enter timesheets, imagine the time you’d save if you could turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

The good news is not only that you can, but with the latest version of OutlookTime® turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is even easier and even faster.

How to turn Outlook appointments into Timesheets

Outlook appointments already hold 90% of the information needed for a timesheet: the date, start/end time, duration, subject, location & notes. Rather than entering all this information again, OutlookTime® users simply add customer / project details to their appointments, then post them to their timesheet.

Users Love OutlookTime®

OutlookTime® is really simple, really easy, really fast and users love it. They love it because it takes the chore out of timesheet entry. Customers tell us that OutlookTime® saves their employees around 2 hours a week and is more than 10 times faster than their previous system.

No matter which version of Outlook you use, PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet, OutlookTime® can turn appointments into timesheets in seconds. There is even an Outlook plugin for Outlook for Windows desktop users that brings OutlookTime® functionality right into Outlook itself§.

If your organization uses Outlook and needs to track timesheets, a OutlookTime® can save your users time, increase timesheet accuracy and reporting. If you are using timesheets for billing, OutlookTime® can also decrease delays in billing and increase cashflow.

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Outlook Timesheet Enhancements

† Customers report a reduction in timesheet entry time from an average of 2:15 per week with their prior system to just 9 minutes with OutlookTime®. A saving of 2:06 per week or 1 day a month, and clocking OutlookTime® at 15 times faster that any other system.
‡ OutlookTime® is designed for teams of users, not individual users
§ OutlookTime® supports PC & Mac users turning appointments made on any device into timesheets. The Outlook plugin is an advanced option that is currently only available to Outlook desktop on Windows..

Are You Ready For Windows 10? Timewatch Is!

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Time tracking and timesheet entry from Timewatch

You’ve probably read that Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 on July 29 this year. This release of Windows will be deployed via Windows Automatic Update.

If you intend to upgrade to Windows 10, you need to make sure you are on CentralTime / Wallchart Version 11, as earlier versions do not support Windows 10.

Additionally, there are other upgrade options available to customers, including the same 100% browser based system from our Cloud division, which is now available for installation on your servers, supports all browsers and all devices including iPhones, Android and Windows & Tablets. There is even an Outlook add-on available that turns users Outlook appointments into Timesheets.

As Windows 10 is being deployed via Windows Update, some customers may be forced to upgrade to Version 11 to support their users, and if this happens, delays may result from high support volume from July 29th. Please be aware that we will be assisting customer requests to upgrade to Version 11 in the order they are received, so to avoid delays and downtime, we recommend you plan your upgrade to Version 11 or one of the other upgrade options as soon as possible.

CentralTime® Version 11 – coming soon

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Major technology upgrade

With CentralTime® Version 11, we’ve replaced the WebTime® timesheet system with the same advanced timesheet that our cloud customers have, but installed on your network. Additionally, the technology upgrade means that customers have access to many other great features previously onl available to cloud customers, including:

  • Support for other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Support for Windows 10
  • New Expenses entry
  • Mobile and Tablet timesheet & expenses
  • Outlook Timesheet entry
  • Resource Scheduling
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