It’s possible there’s no one harder to impress in a company than the accounting department. That’s why we were especially happy when the accounting team the accounting team at one of our US-based clients had great things to say about our Time®&Money software system for time tracking and expense management.

“Our accounting department thinks it’s easy to use and customize for specific projects and expense allocation,” explains explains a top executive at this education company.


“We reviewed about five or six time tracking applications,” he adds. “Our decision on what to implement ultimately came down to what was best for a combination of expense tracking and reporting and being able to integrate specific project codes that we need to use. We now use Timewatch’s Time®&Money for regular expenses, travel expenses, and for tracking and approving those expenses.”

Keeping academics, doctors, nurses, marketing staff, and managers on the same page

The company provides online and in-person continuing education for the healthcare industry, including doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The company also provides risk management and patient safety education.


The company’s staff includes academics who create courses as well as an editorial team that manages content. Add in project managers, marketing teams, and a development department that locates funding for the company’s educational departments (the business also provides consultation services to the healthcare industry) and the business has a diverse staff with different demands.

“If we receive funding for a project we have to charge everything back to a particular area,” an executive explains. “We have about 100 active codes at any given time. Every week when I log my time I often have 15 to 20 codes that I have to use for that week alone. Timewatch systems are very easy to use. It is done in about five seconds.”

“The accounting department likes how easy it is to add new codes and customize to how we need it. Any time we need to add something or change something they don’t ever blink. If someone makes a mistake – enters a wrong code or something should have been charged to a different code or project – it is very simple for a manager to decline it, communicate why, and then fix it.”

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