Publish Schedules to Outlook

The Timewatch Exchange Sync System seamlessly syncs data using the same push technology your cell phone uses, but on an enterprise wide basis. Once set up, there’s nothing for users to do, the system publishes data from Scheduling to Outlook and vice versa automatically 24/7.

Sync to Phone & Tablets too

As the system syncs with Exchange & Outlook 365, the system also syncs any linked devices such as phones and tablets.

Enhanced Security

Timewatch sync system enhances Outlook security. Now schedulers can make appointments for staff, but stop users editing or deleting them.

Enhanced Appointment Data

Additional information such as Customer, Project, Assignment data and custom fields and information is also published to employees’ Outlook appointments.

IT Friendly

There are no Exchange plugins, nothing to be installed on the Exchange Server and nothing special for IT to do other than setup a user account for the system to use.

Available With

The Timewatch Exchange Sync System is available with WhiteSpace® and Time&Space®, and supports Exchange 2013 and Outlook 365. The system supports any Exchange supported system or device including Outlook for Windows & Mac, Phones and Tablets. If you can sync with Exchange or Outlook 365, TESS will sync your data.

Perfect on all Devices

Timewatch mobile timesheet apps were built from the ground up to take full advantage of touch screens, swipe gestures and online connectivity.

Users will love the slick design that fuses reporting and data within the same user interface. Gone are the boring data grids and endless lists of our competitors, instead touch sensitive charts and graphs allow users to query and enter data at the tap of a finger.

Our mobile apps are fully responsive in that they adapt perfectly for all screen sizes from phones, phablets and tablets.

What devices does it support?

Timewatch mobile timesheet supports Apple phones and tablets, Samsung 4&5S & Note phones, most Android phones and tablets, all Windows Phones and tablets including Surface 1 & 2 and all Surface Pro’s.

How is it installed?

Timewatch mobile apps are a new breed of web apps that do not require to be downloaded from an App Store. Once your service is set up, simply go to the login page via the web browser and on Apple and the latest Android phones the app will install itself on your home screen (on Windows Phones you’ll have to do this manually).

Is it stand alone?

The mobile timesheet app works in conjunction with a backend server where employees, customers and jobs/projects are set up, managed, billed from. It is included with the Pro and Enterprise editions of the Time®, Time®&Money and Time&Space®.