Outlook Timesheet

Turn Outlook appointments into timesheets

If your organization uses Outlook and needs to tracks timesheets, OutlookTime® is the timesheet solution for you.

Our business model is simple: we get paid for helping clients, not doing timesheets

How OutlookTime® saves time and increases chargeability

Our technology team said OutlookTime® would make time tracking faster and help us with reports. Both have been proven true.

What OutlookTime® achieves

Everybody had said that it would be great if they could just right-click their calendar appointments and turn that into a timesheet.

That is exactly what OutlookTime® does!

A dream come true for timesheet users

Staff struggled to get their timesheet in at the end of the month, but they are very diligent about calendars.

OutlookTime® has made it possible for employees to go from their calendars to their timesheet with a few clicks.

On the ease of using OutlookTime®

We asked - why can't we just track our time in Outlook and pull it out of the calendar? Now we can.

Another dream come true

OutlookTime® has given us efficiencies that we didn’t have before.

It has helped us track time and it is now also great to know how much time is being spent on a client so that we can bill for the right amount of time.

How OutlookTime® helps

I looked at a few trials. I looked at Harvest and few other timekeeping platforms like that but most of them didn’t facilitate projects the way Timewatch could.

How OutlookTime® can facilitate any project structure

Yes. It definitely does save time. Compared to our old system, we save at least two hours per week per person using OutlookTime ®

On the time saved with OutlookTime®

What impressed our team was the ability to tie in the categories we already use.

That was the ah-ha moment! We just use categories as we already do, and OutlookTime® automatically charges it.

With the click of a button, our timesheet is done.

On using Outlook categories

OutlookTime® gives us a timesheet system driven by Outlook with ZERO duplication of labor, which saves everyone hours each week.

How OutlookTime® saves employees hours each week

Amazed at how simple, easy, and fast turning Outlook appointments into timesheets is.

On the speed of using OutlookTime®

Outlook Timesheet

OutlookTime® is a dream come true for Outlook users. Now, finally, you can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.

Outlook appointments already have 90% of the information needed for timesheets: the date, start/end time, duration, subject, location & notes. So, why enter all of this information all over again when OutlookTime® lets you use the data already in Outlook in your timesheet?

OutlookTime® is really simple, really easy and really fast, which is why users love it. It takes the chore out of timesheet entry – just allocate a Customer/Project to an appointment, then post it to your timesheet. It takes seconds. Customers tell us that OutlookTime® saves their employees around 2 hours a week and is more than 10 times faster than their previous system.

No matter which version of Outlook is used, PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet, OutlookTime® turns Outlook appointments into timesheets in seconds. Best of all, there is nothing to download and plug into Outlook, so there is nothing to slow Outlook down or make it unstable! OutlookTime® works directly with Office 365.

† Customers report a reduction in timesheet entry time from an average of 2:15 per week with their prior system to just 9 minutes with OutlookTime®. A saving of 2:06 per week or 1 day a month, and clocking OutlookTime® at 15 times faster that any other system.

‡ OutlookTime® is designed for teams of users, not individual users.

Just click to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets.
Customer, Project and any additional analysis can be allocated to single or multiple appointments.
As a default, the appointment hours are posted, but users can amend this if needed.
OutlookTime® provides access to appointments up to 2 months in the past.
Appointments are color coded. Green appointments are ready to post, red items need a customer/project allocated to be posted.
OutlookTime® saves users from entering the date, start time, end time, duration, Subject and notes as it uses the information already in Outlook.
It takes seconds to post appointments to the timesheet. Just click the items to post, and click ‘Post’. That’s it.

No Outlook Plugin Needed?

That’s right! OutlookTime® doesn’t need a plugin. There is nothing to download, nothing to install, no liaising with IT about anything, no setup to perform.

Users need only log in to OutlookTime® and click ‘Get Appointments’ from Outlook to start turning them into timesheets.

A Plugin If You Want One

Plugins do have their place, but there are pros and cons. On the plus side, users can perform timesheet entry tasks without ever leaving Outlook. However, on the downside, plugins slow Outlook down and can cause instability in Outlook†, add support overheads, and can’t support all versions of Outlook‡.

Posting timesheets from within Outlook

This is the main benefit of a plugin – the ability to turn an appointment or email into a timesheet from within Outlook itself.

Timewatch® provides strategies to overcome the negatives of plugins so that their benefits can be fully realized. If your organization can support these strategies, you can have the best of both worlds – the simplicity of a no-plugin solution, and the convenience that only a plugin can provide. And soon, we will be releasing a plugin for all versions of Outlook!

† Plugins can cause instability in several ways. Firstly, Microsoft is continually pushing updates to Outlook, which often require updated plugins to keep working. Next, plugins can conflict with each other. As an example, the leading CRM system forces ALL Outlook plugins to use Internet Explorer 7 (yes, IE 7), breaking all plugins that need a newer version. Additionally, plugins run code within Outlook which not only slows Outlook down but can also cause stability issues.

‡ Most plugins only support Outlook for Windows, so if you use Mac, Linux, phone, or tablet, you are stuck. As OutlookTime® natively supports Outlook appointments from any device, there are no limitations with OutlookTime®, which runs on PC, MAC, and OWA.

OutlookTime® is both a Web App, and an Outlook Plugin. Here, we are looking at Outlook with the OutlookTime® plugin installed.
OutlookTime® can color appointments. This appointment has already been posted to the timesheet.
Green appointments signify appointments that have a customer / project assigned and are ready to post to the timesheet.
OutlookTime® adds the ‘Submit to Timesheet’ and other functions to this right mouse click menu.
The OutlookTime® panel provides a timesheet dashboard and advanced features including a multi appointment edit & post facilities and setup features.
This live chart shows the total time posted to the timesheet so far this week.
The dashboard also includes gauges of total hours posted this week and the total number of appointments waiting to be posted.
The dashboard is configurable. Users can add & remove charts, gauges and details sections, and set their order.

Easy, Flexible, Powerful Reporting

Customers tell us that the reporting is one of the other key reasons they chose OutlookTime® over other systems. Multiple Outlook timesheet reporting tools provide OutlookTime® customers with easy access to the exact information they need quickly, and easily.

Traditional Reports

A library of classic ‘print preview’ style reports is available to report on every aspect of their timesheets.


Turn data into insight, with charts, gauges and views that help busy managers & directors instantly view current performance.

Drill Downs

Unique, interactive reporting tool. Simple Double click on any value to drill down to underlying summaries & transactions.

Exporting Data

Export in a variety of formats: Excel, Word, CSV etc.


Notify end users of important items. Late timesheets, timesheets to approve, project nearing budget etc.

Custom Reports

A powerful SQL Report Designer is available for those that want the perfect timesheet reporting system, without limits or compromise.

Outlook Time Tracking Reporting
The Home Tab displays
Drill Downs are advanced, interactive reporting tools that allow users to drill down on individual fields to the underlying summary levels all the way down to the underlying transactions. Drill Downs are available with the more advanced editions of OutlookTime(r).
The Reports tab provides access to the core reporting features.
Areas provide a handy way to filter reports by type, to focus the list of reports to choose from to a specific area of the system.
Reports are displayed in 3 styles. Each user can choose their preferred style: in a Gallery where each report is previewed and allows users to flick through reports quickly, a thumbnail list that shows details of each report and a list of reports.
Reports can be ‘organized’ into various menus and groups, placed on Ribbon buttons and their details, previews and thumbnails altered.
Administrators can arrange for reports to be made available to different users via the reports button on each Tab. Reports can be set by user security group, so they can control exactly which reports each user has access to.
The reports menu shows the report that has been accessed and, as you drill down from one report to the next, lists the sub reports as well.
In gallery mode, users are shown a preview of each report so that can quickly and easily see what report they are running. User can swipe or click to go to the next or previous report.
As users flick through reports in the Gallery View, the title and a short description of each report is displayed.
Thumnails of each report allow users quickly locate the report they are looking for.

Grow as you Grow

OutlookTime® is extremely flexible.
There are 4 editions offering varying levels of functionality. Customers can start with one edition, and upgrade their Outlook timesheet system at any time as needs arise.
Additionally, OutlookTime® can be upgraded and expanded to include other modules including:

  • Time costing & valuation
  • Project Expenses
  • Project Billing
  • Financials Integration
  • Multi Currency
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Custom Modules

OutlookTime® can be expanded from simple time recording, to a time and billing system, through to a complete professional services automation(PSA) solution.

Learn more / See it in Action

Watch the video for an overview of Outlook time tracking. If you want to learn more, or would like a personal demo, please contact us.

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OutlookTime® is simple, but brilliant!

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